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Candidate for LA Superior

 Court Judge 2024 



Vote for a candidate who believes in equality, who is non-biased, a believes in justice for all.  A Judge should not have “ pre-planned” rulings before the evidence at trial is presented.


All participants in the court proceedings should be treated with dignity, respect, and receive equal treatment under the law.

I also believe in restorative justice.  Creative sentencing programs to heal our broken communities. I plan to develop programs so that the community or the “village” can restore those who are marginalized in  society,  who are homeless or have mental health issues.

I am running for Judge because we need more judicial officers that represent diverse communities.  These court officers can bring different perspective and experience that lead to more in-depth analysis of court cases, legal reasoning and fact-finding.

Judges also need to be cognizant of the history of the disparate treatment of black and latino litigants in our court system. Judges should be dedicated to the removal of prejudice, bias, or discrimination that has plagued our criminal justice system for far too long.  If the court proceedings are fair, it promotes peace and ensures that individuals feel connected to the community as a whole.



Deputy Public Defender III / Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office

18 Years


Reviewed cases, provided legal analysis, and quality legal representation to the indigent.  Litigated countless jury trials (misdemeanors and felonies), court trials, adjudications, and practiced in juvenile delinquency for many years.  Selected to be a litigator for Civil Contempt/Racial Justice Unit.  Represented client’s charged with civil contempt, child support contempt, which required knowledge of family law and civil practice.   This position also involved litigation under the Racial Justice Act which was passed in 2020.  Collaborated with other defense lawyers from various offices around the state (RJA Collaborative Unit), met with other Public Defender’s Offices in other counties, and coordinated with other organizations to assist litigators in successful litigation of Racial Justice motions (RJA).          

La Shae Henderson resigned from the Public Defender's Office this year and is currently in private practice.     

Youth Minister / Transformation Church

(formerly known as Praise Tabernacle) Pastor Jody Moore

5 years

4550 Eucalyptus Ave., Chino, CA 91710

Counsel, mentor, and assist teens with planning for higher education.  Strategized with church leadership on how to improve and implement new programs for teens.  Create an environment where they are valued and surrounded by love and acceptance.


May 2003

Juris Doctor / Pepperdine Caruso School of Law

Participated in trial court competitions, Black Law Students Association, and Student Mentoring.  Attends alumni events, shares legal experience on panels for law students, teaches Juvenile Rights, and gives feedback in the Black Alumni Advisory Council.  

JUNE 2000

California State University / Fullerton, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Minor in Spanish. Dean’s List (all four years); Phi Eta Sigma; Golden Key Society; Phi Kappa Phi (honor societies for scholastic achievements.)


Equality and Justice

The mission is simple - to provide equal and fair treatment for all. I believe that everyone deserves to be heard and to receive a fair trial. My approach is to listen to each party before the court and to provide unbiased and impartial judgement based on the evidence presented. I am committed to upholding the values of justice and equality, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that everyone who comes before me receives a fair and just trial.

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